The path seems less daunting when someone walks it with you.


"Christie is a gifted facilitator. She picks up on the smallest details and team dynamics from the group and jumps right on it."

Chad Nuttall

Director of Housing, University of Toronto – Mississauga

"Christie is a true professional and she brings a positive and enthusiastic approach to her work that draws people in. She has helped us to strategically develop the leadership skills of our staff and it has greatly contributed to the success of our team."

Pamela Charbonneau, MA

Director, Student Success University of Waterloo

“The Human Factor was instrumental in the development of our inter-professional primary care team. As individuals we struggled to find our fit. Human Factor supported our efforts to create a healthy work environment and move towards our ultimate vision … We worked with Human Factor to understand how we could maximize team performance and build a new workplace culture.”

Tammy O’Rourke

Director and Founder of the Belleville Nurse Practitioner Lead Clinic

“Christie’s coaching has enabled me to identify opportunities to strengthen my team and adjust my leadership approaches to meet the specific needs of my team members. Her use of assessment tools has provided a useful base for coaching conversations with the senior managers reporting to me. Most importantly, she’s helped me clearly articulate leadership behaviours in myself and my team, and identify strategies for improvement.”

Peggy Jarvie

Associate Provost, Co-operative and Experiential Education, University of Waterloo

“When I began working with Christie close to a decade ago, she had an immediate and demonstrable impact. She makes my reflection and leadership development focused, relevant, and actionable. The Profile XT and Checkpoint 360 have become essential tools for me, ensuring that I understand my strengths as a senior leader within my organization and importantly how my team and my colleagues perceive me … My success, confidence, and clarity as a leader today is largely attributable to the coaching and objectivity Christie has invested in me.”

Alex Piticco

Assistant Director, Student Development and Residence Life Housing and Residences University of Waterloo

“Christie has played a prominent role in our development and evolution as a team. She has worked with my team for more than a decade and I have had the pleasure to work with her for the past five years. She not only saved me time but she is a highly trusted advisor, coach and facilitator to members of my team inside and outside management. I have recommended her to several colleagues at the university and would highly recommend her to any organization with a desire to become a higher performing team.”

Glen Weppler

Director of Housing, Housing and Residences, University of Waterloo

“As the co-ordinator of professional development workshops for local non-profit agencies, it’s always a pleasure to work with Christie. She has facilitated a number of workshops for us and is a popular and passionate presenter, always in tune with her audience. Her material is the most up to date and relevant; workshops are interactive, informative and provide practical tools for the participants. Christie’s delivery style is professional but warm, relaxed and invites open discussion.”

Community agency leader

“The leadership coaching I received from Christie has been extremely beneficial. What I like most about Christie is that she recognizes that all people bring different skills, and that no one type of personality is best suited for leadership. She helps you understand your own strengths and abilities so that you may also better understand and lead others. Christie is understanding, and works within a timeline that works best for you and your schedule. She is adaptable and very knowledgeable, and modifies her sessions to meet your individual needs so that you can take your leadership skills to the next level.”

Michelle Manks

Senior Manager, World University Service of Canada