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Get tailored coaching packages that fit your needs!

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The Collaborator

This shorter-term package gives busy execs a spring cleaning in their leadership methods.

  • Three one-hour sessions (remotely or in person)
  • Focused coaching on the fundamentals and quick tips for great leading
  • New leadership integration, leveraging your core strengths
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The Team Leader

A more in-depth study into the building blocks of your leadership to create an atmosphere of harmony and success.

  • 6 one-hour sessions
  • Behavioural strength assessment
  • 6-month targeted individual development and strategic objective plan
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The Architect

Whether you’re starting from scratch or rebuilding the entire unit, The Human Factor’s unbiased expertise will be a vital asset to your targeted development.

  • 360 leadership skill assessment
  • Behavioral core strength assessment
  • A personalized 6-month coaching and leadership program aligned with business goal achievement
  • Full support, education and customized reports throughout the coaching engagement

Where We Can Help

Build stronger teams with Christie Andrus-Nakano’s personal approach

Building Teams

Everyone knows the term team building, not everyone knows what it really means.

Get the input you need from places you’d never expect. With Christie’s natural ability to connect with people, you’ll discover untapped individual potential and vital feedback that can lead to some truly positive change in your team’s performance. Her strengths-based method of individual and group coaching helps to open the lines of communication, build confidence and create lasting bonds.

Christie finds potential and creates new motivation in ways that will surprise and amaze!

Adapting and Balancing in Change

Inspiring change is the hardest and most rewarding job you can take on. It’s easier with the right tools.

Think of it as the how-to guide to a more balanced and effective organizational  ecosystem. Christie will be your guide and coach through the process of making the right choices for the long-term success of every individual on your team.

When all of the pieces move together, you can do more. A lot more.

Guiding Leadership

Everyone has blind spots in their management style. But you already know that, you’re on this site!

Christie works with leaders  to identify problem areas that can hinder your team’s performance. But it’s her approach to leadership and management that really gets results. She believes in a straightforward, opportunity focused method that involves  employees rather than trying to reshape strategies behind closed doors.

To Christie, open doors mean open minds.