Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging – An Online Introduction.

Diverse and Inclusive means considering points of view that are not just the majority’s way of doing things in your workplace.

There has never been a better time than now to consider people who may look, act or speak differently because it’s everyone’s job to make work a true community how do we listen to people who need something distinct from the way we ‘normally’ do things.

This is your opportunity to explore and understand how to bring out the best in others who may be overlooked.

  • Becoming aware of what others need to feel welcomed and valued in the workplace is key.
  • Did you know that innovation comes from people who don’t just follow the status quo or participate in groupthink? 
  • This short course is a first step in learning how to be part of unleashing what’s possible in your workplace. 

Who is this for?

It is for everyone at work – you do not have be a formal leader, it is designed to be about you as a working human being.

It is designed for the majority in the workplace. Let’s get you thinking and listening better to those who might be disregarded.

Because making inroads into more inclusive workplaces is a job for all of us. 

The Details

  • This online two-hour course is meant to get you thinking – what is diversity, what is unconscious bias? Why should I care and what can I do to create better conditions at work?
  • No tests, just interactive activities, video clips and some self reflection to get you started.  And a certificate when you have completed the modules.
  • Ideally, you and your team take this course together – everyone completing it independently in a two-week window
  • Followed by a facilitated virtual group discussion with the course host, Christie Andrus-Nakano to talk about our reactions and beginning designing a way forward – together.
  • Costs: $99 + hst per person and if you’ve got a group of 10 or more, we’ll give you one for free in the group registration.

Next Steps

  • Get your team together, talk about this. Agree that it is worth exploring to find out more about what we might be assuming and what we might not know. 
    • Things like “I’m not prejudice” and “everybody should be treated fairly” are signs that we have got things to learn.
  • Ready to move forward or questions?
  • We will invoice you (PayPal or e-transfer) and once payment is received; you’ll get access to the course.

    All set to go?
    • We will set aside two weeks for your group to independently complete online.
    • Then we will find a time to meet virtually for an initial hour’s facilitated discussion about the concepts and brainstorm on some next steps for you and your team.
Please provide first and last names as well as the email you'd like us to send their course access to.
it's best if there's a timeline for completion of the 2 hour course - we'll set up your access to what suits you (and your team) best.
We will send you the invoice and receipt for your records. Questions? Please reach out to: christie@humanfactor.ca