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Founder & Leadership Coach

People say that Christie Andrus-Nakano has a magic wand. And when she waves it, she gets people and organizations to challenge and change the way they think and behave, and builds team environments where people work together productively.

Of course, Christie doesn’t actually have a magic wand. What she does have is a master’s degree in Organizational Behaviour and Leadership, advanced training in coaching, curriculum development, and Appreciative Inquiry, and a talent for asking great questions.

Her real secret, though, is her ability to inspire trust. She starts by creating safe spaces to explore, learn, and uncover your strengths and your purpose. Then she supports you as you work to develop the confidence to lead and live with integrity.

“I believe people will do the right things when you create the right conditions.”

-Christie Andrus-Nakano


What makes Christie’s processes seem like magic? The answer lies not so much in what she does, but in what she doesn’t do.

Instead, she listens. And then she asks questions. And then she listens to your answers and guides you as you chart a path that truly resonates with you.

In the traditional problem-solving approach, you look for things that aren’t working and try to make them better. Christie believes that when you do that, you feel overwhelmed, drained, and not particularly inspired.

Instead, she uses a strengths-based approach and focuses on what’s working for you and your organization. When you uncover your strengths and pay attention to what’s working, you feel energized and motivated to change the things that aren’t working – and replace them with new tools and approaches that will lead you to better results.


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