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About The Human Factor

The Human Factor is a unique coaching and leadership service that was born from the desire to better equip forward-thinking leaders, counsel them with in-depth and educated advice and address the challenges that come with managing professional teams.

We believe that people will make the best choices when you create the right conditions.

The brainchild of Christie Andrus-Nakano, Human Factor’s leadership training combines her years of education and experience to deliver programs that leverage differences, and build understanding and inspire action.

Christie Andrus-Nakano, M.A.

If you asked them, the people in Christie’s life will tell you that she was meant to start the Human Factor. She’s always had a unique approach to her life and her career, and it’s helped her build a style that  yields stronger connections, creates more  successful teams and achieves lasting results.

She has a Masters degree in Organizational Behavior and Leadership as well advanced training in Coaching and Leadership, Curriculum Development and Appreciative Inquiry. She is an innovator, a mentor, a student, and a passionate advocate for a more enlightened approach to executive team leadership.

The result... by creating the right environment, Christie empowers leaders to listen to each other, think together and actively identify individual strengths to build stronger, more confident teams who move projects onwards and upwards.

Christie Andrus-Nakano