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“What you pay attention to is what you will see more of.”

-Christie Andrus-Nakano

Human Factor Leadership Coaching


With support and perspective, you can learn how to lead your team to new levels of productivity.

By developing the right mindset, they can learn everything need to succeed at the next level.

You’ll need the peace of mind that can only come from knowing that this important transition is running as smoothly as possible – for your organization and for you.

“We learn so much more from our strengths than from our weaknesses.”

-Christie Andrus-Nakano

Associate University Librarian, Administration and Strategic Initiatives, University of Waterloo

“Christie is a master question asker.  Sometimes you just want her to tell you what to do, but she never does. She just asks the right question to help us unearth what we really need. It’s obvious she has a genuine care for the people she’s working with and a natural curiosity that fuels her process. She gets really invested in making sure we have what we need to be successful. We’ve seen noticeable differences in people’s self-awareness and their commitment to making small changes that are having big impact.”


“I worked with Christie as I was getting ready to sell my business. I think of her as a doula – someone who has a lot of wisdom and knowledge who helps you go through the process and leads you to things you hadn’t thought of. She’s the doula of transition.”

Assistant Dean of Students and International Initiatives · University of Toronto Mississauga

“For years Christie has been an important part of the way I work with others. Her real value is in the information that she provides. You could probably do it yourself, but it would take four or five years to get to know your people and figure out through trial and error how best to work together. She can give you that information instantly. She has a magical gift to identify people’s traits and their ways of working and how to bring out the best in them. Christie can really enlighten you and make you the best leader you can be and the best version of yourself.”

Executive Director, Naturally Lewis

“Christie inspires you to think in a different way that we have not been trained to think. Most people aren’t used to thinking in that strengths-based way, but it leads to better results, better conversations, better strategies. Because of the work Christie has done with us, we’ve been able to connect her with other businesses and organizations. She’s changing the narrative and changing the conversation across our entire community.”